2 Children's chairs, model 2000/1 by Alexander Begge midcentury modern , panton era, mod, vintage, 70s,60s, chair, #050


2 Children's chair, model 2000/1 by Alexander Begge for Casala-Werke

Alexander Begge, born in 1941, designed only one furniture line: Casalino.
‘Not a single drawing I made’, he remembers. ‘I had this image of a wisp of fog, and elaborated on that. It brought so much joy, I was in a glow. Alexander Begge never designed any furniture again. He studied potter’s art and started furnace construction firm.

The "Casalino" is stackable, and easily cleaned.

Literature: Philippe Decelle, Diane Hennebert and Pierre Loze: L'UTOPIE DU TOUT PLASTIQUE 1960 - 1973. Bruxxelles: Fondation Pour L'Architecture, 1994. p. 65

Size: 23 1/2in. x 13in.

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